D E S I G N   S O L U T I O N S
Home Office:  Dallas, Texas
Stephen Stefanou, President and Design Director
Heinz Hennicke, Visual Director / Rendering Artist

***Kyle Dixon is not the designer of the following exhibits/displays on the Design
Solutions page.  
Kyle is the scenic artist/artisan on certain projects for the
 His work on each project is notated with each photograph.
Spring at Bellagio Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada:

Butterflies with wingspans ranging from 18 inches to 8
feet, covered in natural materials ranging from seeds to
sand to dried floral material.  Painted by Kyle Dixon.

Butterfly Habitat (above) painted by Kyle Dixon.
Butterfly walkway suspended between rows of preserved linden trees.  The linden trees were painted by
Kyle Dixon to give life to otherwise lifeless, dead specimens and to give the appearance of the trees' leafy-green
bark in the spring.
Lady Bug and Snail

These are only two of the many topiaries
Bellagio horticulture installs in the
Conservatory every season.  Elements not
covered in flowers are covered in natural
seeds, dried flower petals, etc., painted by
Kyle Dixon
Autumn at Bellagio Hotel & Casino

The Ent, inspired by Nordic Literature and folklore.
Solutions' artists.  Painted and aged by Kyle Dixon.
Giant animated Venus Fly traps
at left, covered in crushed
granite.  Painted and detailed
by Kyle Dixon.

12 feet tall scarecrow at right.  
Clothing designed by Michael
Southgate.  Face painted and
detailed by Kyle Dixon.
3/4 scale cider mill and life-sized covered bridge constructed of wood and sculpted styrofoam. Painted by Kyle Dixon.
Sculpted concrete on metal
framing.  The face is
animatronic and constructed
of a metal armature and
liquid latex.  Eyes, eyebrows,
and mouth move.  Painted by
Kyle Dixon with artist oils,
clear silicone, and thinner.