D E S I G N   S O L U T I O N S
Home Office:  Dallas, Texas
Stephen Stefanou, President and Design Director
Heinz Hennicke, Visual Director / Rendering Artist

***Kyle Dixon is not the designer of the following exhibits/displays on the Design
Solutions page.  
Kyle is the scenic artist/artisan on certain projects for the
 His work on each project is notated with each photograph.
Fashion Show Mall
Las Vegas, Nevada

Christmas decorations
inspired  by Erte, by costume
designer Michael Southgate.  
Headdresses and jewelry
created by Kyle Dixon. Dixon
also assisted in the creation
of the jeweled costumes.

Half-ladies on balls are 16
standing on pedistals are
roughly 18 feet in height.
Christmas at Bellagio
Trees throughout the
years in Bellagio's
Conservatory.  Kyle
Dixon assisted in the
decoration of each of
these individual
samples, as well as the
mirroring of large stars
and gold leaf and
jeweling of over-sized

The mannequins on the
ball-tree at right were
dressed by designer
Michael Southgate.  
Kyle Dixon assisted on
the jeweling/beading of
each gown.
Pecan-Covered Reindeer, painted by Kyle Dixon
Chinese New Year at Bellagio
and below left), and Granite Lanterns (left) painted by Kyle
Mountain Range (below left) also painted by Dixon.

Tang Dynasty Mirrored Horse (below right) base
wood-grained by Kyle Dixon.