Kyle Dixon Designs
Winter Nights
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Photos Courtesy Dee Ostrander, John Buford, & Kyle Dixon
A Stroll Through the
      Elizabethan Gardens...
Floral Throne,
covered in cracked
corn, gold leaf, stone
Tudor Roses,
sphagnum moss, &
hundreds of fresh

Banquet Table with
Topiary Squirrels
covered in crushed
millet seeds and
draped in fresh
Floral Throne and Gift Table
Floral Butterflies and Gift Boxes
Butterflies are covered in crushed rose and peony petals and seeds.
Boxes are covered in crushed sunflower seeds.
Six foot gift box with eight foot butterfly
perched on top.  Smilac and magnolia
soften the exhibit.
At left, a sixteen
foot stack of gift
boxes greet guests.

At right, a four
foot butterfly and
gift box dress the
ancient Verona
marble Italian
well head.
Tudor Gingerbread House, Raleigh & Queen Elizabeth I
Plywood, painter's caulk, foam insulation, and
paint create a convincing gingerbread exhibit
rooted in Elizabethan history.  It's a success
with children and adults, alike.
Various Images from Winter Lights...
Lanterns surround holly covered
arches looking into the ancient Italian
Sunken Gardens.
Fresh greens, lemons, and ornaments,
along with a giant glittered star adorn
the Elizabethan Sun Dial.
Nandina berries are all that are  needed to
adorn the famed 1859 statue of Virginia
Dare by American sculptor Maria Louisa